My Journey as a Blogger (U. Khan)

As the summer draws to a close, with it ends my time at this blog. Fourteen weeks have passed since I joined this blog. In that time, I have written about topics ranging from the forest fires in Fort McMurry to Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic. The unifying factor between all these blogs has been the fact that they all feature ideas presented in The Canadian Environment in a Political Context, demonstrated through various current events happening all over Canada. In the process of writing these blogs, I have learned a lot about environmental policy in Canada, and also improved my writing abilities.

One of my favourite blogs from this year was the post about microbeads. It was great because I learned a lot of new information writing the blog, which continues to influence my consumer habitats. It was also interesting because the issue is ongoing. Since the writing of the blog, the government decided to act on the issue and labelled microbeads as “toxic substances,” thus moving closer towards a ban of the substance. I have always had an interest in current events, but writing this blog forced me to read a lot of newspapers and truly stay on top of the news. This is one habit I hope to continue in the future.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read these blogs. I hope that these blogs have been informative and increased your understanding of some of the environmental issues in Canada.



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