Blogs worth Blogging About

I asked my student bloggers to come up with a list of their 5 favourite blogs about the environment. If you are looking for something to read this weekend, here is the list:

Top 5: Environmental Policy (according to Koundourakis)

Canadian Environmental Law Association

Pembina Institute

Policy Options


David Suzuki

Top 5: Environmental Science (according to Khan)

Dot Earth– This blog is written by Andrew Rivkin in the New York Times and focuses on US issues, but it does contain information regarding global Climate Change.

Canadian ERA Perspectives– This is a blog dealing with developments in environmental, regulatory, and aboriginal law in Canada.

Mississauga Green Living Blog- This is a blog managed by the Environmental Management Section of the City of Mississauga.

Royal Society of Biology Blog– This is a science based blog run by the Royal Society of Biology in the UK.

Science Borealis Blog– This is a Canadian Blog that deals with a wide variety of topics within science.


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