Students Taking Over the Blog

This summer two outstanding University of Toronto Mississauga students will be writing blog posts on environmental science and policy in Canada. Let me introduce you to:

M.Umar Khan – Environmental Science blogger


Khan is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree at UTM. He is completing a specialist degree in Comparative Physiology with a minor in Political Science. He has a self-purported keen interest in biology and science policy in Canada. In his free time, he likes to read and keep up to date with the current events happening in Canada and around the world.




Anthony Koundourakis – Environmental Policy blogger




Koundourakis is pursuing an economics and political science degree at UTM.  He is also an intern for a full service financial brokerage house in Mississauga, and to pay the bills he is a bartender.  In his free time, he keeps up with current events in Canadian and American news. He is known for making random conversations
with complete strangers because he “believe that each person has interesting stories and adventures to tell.”



Both Khan and Koundourakis took my ENV/POL250Y course in the 2015-2016 academic year. The course, based around the book The Canadian Environment in Political Context, provided them with an introduction to some basic concepts and themes in Canadian environmental science and politics. Among the highest achievers in the course, these students were selected to write weekly or semi-weekly posts on pressing environmental issues in Canada. So stay tuned for their blog posts! In order to keep it all straight, the author’s name (Olive, Khan, or Koundourakis) will now appear in the title of each post.



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